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Member Registration

  1. To become a member, the user should fill out the Membership Application Form (Menu > Join)
  2. Once the form is submitted, a new record on Member Detail Layout will appear. The member is currently Level 2 (pending approval)
  3. The WWSRA employee can review his/her application and press the Approve button. The new record in the Order table will appear.
  4. The Member will receive an email from WWSRA (currently Codence Robot) with a unique link to a payment page.
  5. The membership dues can be paid only in full. Once the transaction is approved, the status of the person will change in FM. The new payment record will appear. The user is active now.
  6. The user is Level 2 till he/she is manually approved in WP (Admin console) to be Level 3( Approved Member).
  7. The user can log in and see all pages designed for members when he is Level 3, as well as edit his/her info (everything except First/Last name). He/she can also add new carried lines and update them. All changes will be reflected in FM. The lines can’t be deleted from wp in FM, however, a WWSRA employee can add/edit/delete lines from FM and then push the changes to the website by pressing an “Update User Info” button. Admin can also change other member info in FM and push the changes.
  8. A WWSRA employee can renew someone’s membership by pressing a “Renew” button. This will create another order record and will send an email with a link to a payment page. Once the payment is completed, a new Payment record will appear (the same process as approve, but different labels).
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