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Change form email text in WP

Even though all emails are conditionally sent from a backend (only if the record was created, payment processed, etc), their text can be edited on a frontend now. Almost all forms have two types of notifications - admin and user. Admin is always turned on and will show the new submission or an attempt to submit a form with all fields, while the user email is turned off on a front-end and is sent programmatically only if all conditions are met.

Some forms have more than 2 notifications (for example, Liability forms, on snow registration for retailers).

Please do not turn on the notifications that are turned off (there is no green sign next to them)

Otherwise, the person will receive a confirmation email even if the record wasn't created, it's a duplicate, or the payment wasn't authorized.

Click on the name of the notification to change its title or text. You can add media, links, and shortcodes to the emails (see below). Shortcodes are especially useful - you can use any part of the user profile (like user email) or any of the fields, name of the post, etc. Enclose them in two curly braces and don't forget to add spaces around it.

Once you're done, don't forget to save your form. If some forms don't have important notifications or you want to add an extra one, please let me know so I can specify the id of the new notification on a backend. If you want to edit the text of emails that come from FileMaker (approval, membership payment emails, etc.), please refer to this article.

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