Board members are nominated by, and voted on by, our current association members and are all active sales reps within a Western U.S. territory. An active board in each region provides our members and retailers with a local contact to share information and concerns with, which helps us create a stronger and more effective association.


Morgan Turner, President
Ph: 303.776.1832
Fx: 303.496.6222
Email Morgan Turner


Jeff Burkley, Treasurer
Ph: 970.926.6819
Fx: 970.926.6839
Email Jeff Burkley

Rocky Mountain


Greg Oakley - April 2021
Ph: 303.884.6661
Email Greg Oakley


Derek Pappas - April 2020
Ph: 303.495.3294
Email Derek Pappas



Ivor Allsop - April 2020
Ph: 435.658.0234
Fx: 831.300.9478
Email Ivor Allsop




Topher Laws - April 2020
Ph: 303.475.8161
Email Topher Laws


Gordy Bolstad - April 2021
Ph: 425.231.0793
Email Gordy Bolstad

Northern California

Dan Dixson - April 2020
Ph: 775.338.8385
Fx: 775.338.8385
Email Dan Dixson

Kathy Karlovic - April 2021
Ph: 530.308.1424
Email Kathy Karlovic

Southern California


Ben Doran - April 2020
Ph: 760.822.0269
Email Ben Doran


Jeff Darby - VP - April 2021
Ph: 714.281.3272
Fx: 714.281.3273
Email Jeff Darby


WWSRA Board of Directors

Job Description, Qualifications & Exclusions

Board members are elected by majority vote via email proxy as detailed below. WWSRA members interested in running for the WWSRA Board of Directors should review the job description and qualifications below and contact the WWSRA BOD President and the main office with your intentions.

WWSRA Board of Directors Job Description

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  • Provide a communication link between the regional members, other regional directors and Staff
  • Acquaint themselves with the rules and mechanics of the shows/events in order to assist in the production of show/events and make decisions regarding future show/events. 
  • Be available to help the show staff if requested, at regional shows/events and during the pre-event stage
  • Attend all Board of Director Meetings, his/her regional meeting, and the annual regional membership meetings
  • Act as liaison between WWSRA and On Snow Demo team and attend the regional On-Snow Demo if requested           


Details +
  • At least three years as a WWSRA member
  • Currently a working rep, traveling a territory to sell winter, outdoor and/or active lifestyle sports products
  • Majority of income derived from selling winter, outdoor and/or active lifestyle sports products
  • Exhibits in one or more WWSRA event(s) each year
  • Willing to spend time on association business
  • Available at his/her regional show to assist in show/event production, membership engagement, show meetings, etc. 

Board Member Election Process

Details +
  • All Board member terms run for 2 years, beginning May 1 following an election and ending April 31. See above for board member term ending dates.
  • December 1: Notification of intent to run must be made for the following board term cycle to the WWSRA President, Vice President & Association Director.
  • The member must provide a bio along with intent to run to Director at that time.
  • The member will then have the opportunity to attend and speak with constituents at all shows, attend and speak to members at all membership meetings.
  • The current board member being challenged will be notified and give opportunity to defend their position via bio, show & meeting attendance.
  • December 15: WWSRA Director will email territory membership notifying them of election with member bios and voting deadlines
  • February 15: Official ballot emailed to territory membership
  • March 15: Voting closes
  • April 1: Board member vote announced
  • IF WWSRA is NOT notified by a member wishing to run by December 1st, an election will NOT be held for that year and the current BOD member will be automatically renewed for another 2 year term.


Details +
  • Principals are NOT eligible to run for the position of Board Member even if they also have their own sales territory. Principals are defined as an owner, sales manager, or marketing director of a company.