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Lines/Reps Available

Lines Available

Lines Available is a Gravity Form ID 6 (https://wwsra.com/companies-seeking-sales-representatives)

The new Lines Available Page takes all starred entries from this form and automatically creates a page with Lines Available.

To publish a new entry use a star in the Entries section. In order for it to display the right date next to "Date Added", edit this entry when publishing. Even if you don't need to change anything, pressing "edit" when starring an entry will update the "modification date' to reflect the date when the entry was published on a page.

To remove an entry from the Lines Available Page, remove a star.

Lines will appear in all applicable territories automatically.

To edit an entry, open it in the Form ID 6 and press edit. (see above).

Reps Available

Same process as above BUT you don't need to update an entry when starring it to post (this page doesn't require a Date Added value).

This page takes data from GF Form ID 31

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