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Change email text in FileMaker

While some notification come from Gravity Forms in WordPress, approval emails and member payment emails come from FileMaker. All of them are stored as a part of a script step in new scripts. Those can be accessed via Scripts-> Script Workspace -> FUN Additional Scripts.

This folder has all new scripts that were added since we started working on WWSRA Control. Here is a full list of all scripts that have emails to users and instructions on how to change them:

Authorize Net -> AuthorizeNetProcessPayment

Currently on line 39, Send Mail script step. Click twice and you'll see a subject and a message. plain text is enclosed in "" and if we need to use information from FileMaker, it's connected with "&". Please let us know if you need help with finding the right fields in FileMaker! Example:

"hello" & "FileMakerTableName::FileMakerFieldName" & "!"

Authorize Net -> RefundPaymentAuthorizeNet

Line 45. Please note that words starting with "$" are variables that were declared in this script.

Retailer -> Approve Retailer

Line 14

Member -> Approve User

Lines 31 and 47 (in the first case, the member was just approved, the second one allows sending an approval email one more time).

DEPRECATED scripts and Send Mail

Send email to one employee DEPRECATED - was used to send one employee an email to register his/her account on a website.

Renew Membership DEPRECATED - a script that was used to send an email with a link to a member who needs to pay for his/her membership.

Both deprecated scripts have Send Mail but currently, these scripts are not used anywhere.

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