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Adding a brand new indoor show

These instructions are for adding brand new Indoor shows. Usually, you won't have to do it. This video was filmed in case you need a brand new show on a website.

  1. Copy post
  2. Copy 2 forms for members and attendees
  3. Change ids in the post
  4. Go to function.php file to add a new show code twice (Search for "Return to.." comment)
  5. Now log in as a member to test the new form as you add changes
  6. Add payment cards hook
  7. Add carried lines hook
  8. Add signature validation (check both the id of the field and form)
  9. Employee ticket validation
  10. Connect the form to FileMaker
  11. Find the function register_ex to specify new form ids in carried lines and initials.
  12. Test a member!
  13. Login as a retailer - you should see a new retailer form now
  14. Connect checkbox for attendees (in site specific plugin)
  15. Add signature validation for attendees. check the ID of the field
  16. In the beginning of function.php add a hook for the form to connect to FM
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