(Revised 5 May, 1962)

Preamble: No code or set of rules can be framed which will particularize all aspects of the business relationships among the members of this Association and between the members and their customers. The following CODE OF ETHICS is adopted by the WESTERN WINTER SPORTS REPRESENTATIVES ASSOCIATION, INC., as a general guide, yet the enumeration of particular duties and obligations should not be construed as a denial of the existence of others equally important.

By the adoption of this CODE the members of this Association undertake to obligate themselves to honor both the letter and the spirit of the CODE.

Section I

Each member will conduct his business in such a manner as to inspire the full confidence of his associates and his customers. It has been said that the basic ingredient for the permanent success of any business enterprise is trust.

Section II

No member will engage in those practices which have been denominated as unfair selling practices in the trade.

Section III

No member will engage in any misrepresentation of a line, product, terms of sale, or of any other aspect of his own business or of the business of his competitors.

Section IV

Each member recognizes that every principal maintains definite and distinct policies with reference to his lines. Each member therefore undertakes to conform to the established policies of his principals.

Section V

Each member undertakes to solicit regularly, thoroughly and in all respects the established trade in his territory.

Section VI

Each member recognizes that the practice of the selling by wholesalers to individuals not in the trade will not be condoned. Therefore, the members will not sell any products to others than retailers.

Section VII

The members recognize that this CODE OF ETHICS will constitute no more than an impotent statement of platitudes unless the members agreeing to abide by the standards herein erected provide at the same time for the imposition of sanctions for violations thereof. Therefore, all of the subscribers to this CODE hereby give and grant to the Ethical Practices Committee full power and authority to terminate the membership of any subscriber who has been adjudged by majority vote of such committee, after a full and fair hearing thereon, to have violated any provision of this CODE.