MPowering Benefits Health Share Plan


WWSRA is happy to announce that we have found a great alternative to the traditional health care insurance plans. It is a community health share plan and can be a good solution for health-minded individuals, families, and businesses. If you’d like to learn whether this Affordable Care Act compliant community health care plan is a good fit for you, please visit our website at
The 11 min. audio on the front page at the lower right describes the membership as well as how and why it works.  Once you have listened to this audio, proceed through the series of short videos to learn more.


Medical Cost Sharing Demystified – Click here for a great piece on how medical cost sharing works and why it’s beneficial. 

As an independent contractor and/or sales rep, some of the key benefits are:

As a member of WWSRA, $100 of the $125 Setup/Admin Fee will be waived! 
Therefore, it’s only $25 to get started, plus your monthly membership fee per your respective age group.

For questions, concerns, or to determine if this program will meet your needs, please contact WWSRA's Health Care Advisor,
Wendy Scipione, at 720-259-1555 or by email at Wendy will answer all of your questions and help you proceed.