For Retailers

WWSRA is pleased to invite you and your staff to the Regional Rep Events.
These events are designed to make the buy/sell season more efficient and convenient for you! Pre-registration materials for both indoor and
on-snow events are available on-line only. Click HERE to see each individual event for registration materials and show information.

General Information about WWSRA and Regional Trade Events

Presently, WWSRA sponsors over 15 regional trade events throughout five territories in the western United States. All events were developed to make the buy/sell cycle more convenient for sales reps and retail buyers. WWSRA produces three types of shows: On-Snow Demos, Winter Markets & Active Sports Markets. One of each type is generally scheduled in each of the five territories, but please refer to the show schedule for details.

Retail Attendance

Only qualified retail buyers are invited to attend WWSRA events. The public is not allowed. Direct mail advertising and pre-registration materials are emailed in early November to all retail shops in the WWSRA database. If you are not receiving such information, but have attended our shows in the past, please contact the office at so that we may be sure to include your shop in our database.

Preview, Winter & Active Sports Markets

The Winter & Active Sports Markets are trade shows held inside a convention center or hotel. The format may be open booth, in rooms, or a combination of both. The Winter Markets give reps an opportunity to preview new lines with their dealers and write orders in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. The Active Sports Markets are the perfect venue for reps and retailers to finish writing orders for winter products or to get a head start on spring & summer outdoor gear, active lifestyles & back-to-school products.

On-Snow Demos

The on-snow demos are held on location at various ski areas early in the buy/sell cycle. These demos are designed to give retail shop buyers and staff the opportunity to test skis, snowboards, boots, bindings, poles and many other products on the snow in a convenient, familiar area. Pre-registration costs $15, on-site registration is $25!


  • Prepare open to buy capabilities early with an eye to deliveries through early December.
  • Prepare to take advantage of early incentives on key categories and on opportunities available at the shows.
  • Clearly defining the goods needed for early buys, those for normal deadline, and those for "opportunity buys" can focus efforts at shows for more efficient time use.
  • The SIA and Outdoor Retailer shows are positioned as National launch shows for the Winter, Outdoor and Active Sports Industries. Early order discounts earned at SIA & OR can potentially more than pay for the trip, with the added benefit of the ability to preview all snow-sports, outdoor and active sports products under one roof in preparation for trying products at on-snow events, and planning for regional writing shows. Visit the SIA webpage and Outdoor Retailer webpage for more information about SIA & OR! In addition to producing National Tradeshows, both OR & SIA have a wealth of extremely beneficial information and resources available to retailers.
  • Early orders can benefit all by focusing production on more profitable goods and creating more production time for important products. This efficiency has been shown to lead to more stability in market pricing.
  • Prioritize your regional show appointment schedule by manufacturer and representative in respect to your time and that of the vendor. Stick to your priorities and go to the shows with an agenda for success!
  • A smooth and efficient show season will benefit all, resulting in less time spent away from your shops and a successful season for dealers, reps, and manufacturers alike!

Retail Verification Policy

  • We verify that all attendees are representatives from a working retail shop or business by requiring a business card with name, pay stub, tax id, or other similar form of identification before we will issue credentials.
  • All Retail Shops attempting to register on-site at the On-Snow Demo, that are not on the WWSRA mailing list and/or are from out of territory, must be qualified by a rep exhibiting at the On-Snow Demo before they will be allowed to enter the show.
  • This policy is intended to allow only qualified Retail Shops into the On-Snow Demo and to keep potential theft to a minimum. We realize this procedure could become inconvenient at times, but it will certainly help with some very important security issues.
  • If you know of a new shop, or if you think a shop you are doing business with may not be on our list, call the WWSRA office and let us know.
  • If you have any questions regarding this policy, please email or call the WWSRA office at 303-532-4002.